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Wow I had a really great day today.

giving myself a fullll night off from work.

which means m&m’s and netflix for four straight hours!

my love for joshua radin is immeasurable.

Now here’s the sun, come to dry the rain
Warm my shoulders and relieve my pain
You’re the one thing that I’m missing here
With you beside me I no longer fear

my pandora is just dead on tonight.

makes studying soooo much better.

sweet springtime

Matt & Kim - Daylight

And in the daylight we can hitchhike to Maine
 I hope that someday I’ll see without these frames
And in the daylight I don’t pick up my phone
'Cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home

Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

This song always, always makes my day better.

ohhh man this is the first time i’ve scored higher than a 100 on an exam in college!

yayyy! gotta love bonus questions!

suuuch a fantastic day and night.

i’m seriously going to have such a hard time after graduating a semester before everyone else. i love my friends too much :(